Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aunt Mary's Secrets of Longevity

Today is my Aunt Mary's 97th birthday.  She has outlived her four sisters (even though two of them lived into their 90s also) and I have been thinking of how her most unique personality has gotten her to this ripe old age.   So these are my thoughts on Aunt Mary's secrets of longevity. 
  1. Don't complain ever, about anything.
  2. Walk everywhere you can.
  3. Don't drive a car.
  4. Don't get married or have kids.
  5. Make friends with a bakery.
  6. Don't ever go anywhere empty handed.
  7. Correspond and especially remember the birthdays of those you love.
  8. Avoid excessive entanglements, especially with doctors.
  9. Don't worry. 
  10. Never stop getting your hair done, permed or dyed. 
  11. Don't talk about yourself.
  12. Always have something to look forward to.
  13. Don't criticize anyone, especially your family.
  14. Leave yesterday behind. 
  15. When in doubt, wear pink.