Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amy, the Next Generation

Some of my heroes have the wisdom of age.  Amy is one of my heroes, but she is 20 years my junior.  You can learn about her and honor her by reading her blog (http://www.gettingpaulhealthy.blogspot.com/)  Amy is my second cousin or first cousin once removed; I've never been quite sure of those distinctions.  She is my cousin's daughter; her grandmother was my godmother, my Aunt Rose (who is responsible for the first part of my name).  But I digress.  Amy was married to Paul Hawthorne for seven years; Paul was among other things an awesome photographer who took some great family reunion shots, one of which is kept in our den.  Paul was diagnosed with AL (primary) amyloidosis in 2008.  Paul did not get healthy.  Intensive treatment failed and just before Christmas 2008, Amy became a widow raising two young sons.  She is a busy woman, with a job, an apartment, her kids and all that goes along with that.  But she has found the time and energy and drive to become a triathlete, putting together a team, Paul's Posse, that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for amyloidosis research.  She has motivated other family members to participate and get fit as well.  And she is keeping it going.   The team will compete for the second year in the New York City Triathlon on August 11, 2011.  One awesome lady doing awesome things every day.  She inspires me to keep moving for my measly 30 minutes a day! 

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